Seminar Krav Maga Ami Niv 

Techniques and topics of this seminar by Ami Niv

* Defenses against an attacker with a knife at close range or far range.
* Defenses against the threat with a knife; defenses against a knife with take over the attacker.
* Defenses against the stick / club / ex
* Simulation of the two attackers, one with a stick and the other with a knife (or similar options (.
* Open space simulation Street / Park / beach / school yard and more…
* Simulation in closed space: clubs / pubs / entertainment places and more…
* Defenses against gun threats from various angles and take over the attacker.

 The seminar will assembled of two main parts:

Fןrst, the learning and practice the techniques .

Second, Practice the techniques in simulations.

* These simulations are close as much as possible to the relevant situations as which the student may encounter in real time.
* Training simulations require from the participant to provide a solution to a given situation, using judgment, techniques and principles learned in class.
* Each exercise imaging gives the participant knowledge and awareness on the ability to perform the necessary techniques under pressure.

 In addition, the seminar will include the following main topics :

* Basic behavioral principles in dealing with different types of "street violence".
* Psychological aspects of violent person (rapist, robber, kidnapper, thief or terrorist (.
* Methods of prevention for decline to verbal abuse or physical violence.

The seminars can be designed for each group or organization. Starting from unit that specializing in unique security issues / security companies, hospitals, closed Departments, martial arts dojo, community centers, government agencies (education centers, associations, etc.), women's groups and more…

Also, Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv has extensive experience in planning seminars for children and youth (training subjects adapted to the level of children and their abilities), these seminars can be combined in home activities – schools, summer camps and the more…

You can order additional seminars :

The length of each seminar will be determined according to customer requirements , capacity and nature of the participants.

The seminars can be held in the state of the inviter or in Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv center in Israel that according to customer comfort.

More Seminars dates will be posted on the website.