Self-realization through Aiki Krav Maga as a substitute for psychological treatment

One of the success factors for self-realization is the intervention of parents and collaboration and backup manuals, cooperation between the parent directories is an integral relationship with the counselor in addressing cases of child change and building self-image as the basis for self-realization. The basis of development and character building through Aiki Krav Maga "treatment" long term.

Self-realization is a central human motive which affects our choices on our lives and our level of satisfaction. The meaning varies from person to person, and is shaped in accordance Llachisoreno and the tendency towards defects, period and culture in which we live and their environmental effects ranging from childhood we are exposed to.

Life without self-realization may be emotionally painful life, empty and frustrated. More and more people are aware of the fact that turning to psychologists who can help in this area. Aiki Krav Maga training helps people who feel they are exactlies themselves on a particular aspect of their lives. Not conducive to psychological treatment and interferes with the person's self-image.

Factors that impede our ability to move toward self-realization may result from different circumstances, social and environmental messages about "what is right" and the have "the ability to deal with success and failure, and motivated personality – psychological effect on our self-conception.

Aiki Krav Maga There is many options to identify obstacles to self-fulfillment, and skills for dealing with these obstacles. Aiki Krav Maga may significantly help people who experience a lack of success, dissatisfaction and lack of self-fulfillment in their personal lives, and / or employment. As part of the training to identify assumptions, perceptions and past events that limit their ability to work toward self-realization.

Ami Niv the Head and the Founder of Aiki Krav Maga Federation (AKMF). Senior instructor and international consultant in anti-terrorism. Direct follower / senior instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld. KRAV MAGA dan 10 / JIU-JITSU dan 6 / AIKIDO dan 4

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