junkwriterMental preparation before a test or competition, through Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv

In today's competitive world, each exam receives great importance; prevalence of test anxiety is on the rise big. Test anxiety is a psychological condition that involves deep distress before, during and / or after the examination. And it does not allow students to get their best and get the result you want. Life throws us many situations where we need to be examined first day of kindergarten to the last day in high school. The recruitment center, a university semester exams, and more. As the most important test that greater anxiety. This condition can be expressed not only in these tests or others, sporting competitions and probably social pressure that exists in our society.

Test anxiety is expressed by the number of criteria:

Nervousness – which impairs the ability to think clearly and solve problems accurately reduced.

Anxiety – that damages the memory being tested that busy worrying thoughts. Leave fewer resources to test it self.

Anxiety in young children tend to be expressed in non-verbal signs such as abdominal pain, difficulty sleeping, and persistent urge to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom.

So what can you do about it?

Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv inherently existing special programs that teach the child / teenager Eich cope with different stress. These programs were built by Ami Niv in order to improve the ability to physical, mental and student reflection, carrying out complex tasks in a simple but cost more and thus shorten the response time. And this response will provide an effective solution to various situations on a daily basis. To improve the physical and mental ability students practice a number of subjects such as: Aiki Krav Maga Aiki, Capoeira, Judo, Aiki Jiu Jitsu MMA, Aikido, Thai Boxing and more … experience a number of subjects Hayek founded the Krav Maga Ami Niv give children the feeling of success and capabilities to deal Good luck with the complex and difficult tasks. Thereby strengthen children mentally and knowledge to deal with his difficulties and to find strategies to bypass reaches its destinations.

In my experience of 30 years, I realized that the child receives emotional support from home and the principle of perseverance and hard to deal with is the basis for success by positive reinforcements and negative, full cooperation between the guides for parents.

Ami Niv the Head and the Founder of Aiki Krav Maga Federation (AKMF).

Senior instructor and international consultant in anti-terrorism.

Direct follower / Senior instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld.

KRAV MAGA dan 10 / JIU-JITSU dan 6 / AIKIDO dan 4

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