Krav Maga Aiki Ami Niv and self defense for girls and women Hadera Israel

הגנה עצמית לנשים חדרהToday, many women find themselves exposed to a violent reality. Social situation creates situations where violence comes into the family unit. Domestic violence frequently sells us all the headlines in newspapers and television news. These effects often ongoing until it ended in the case of irreversible damage and even death. Of violence also occurs outside the family unit and meets the children, women and the elderly and social situation which causes insecurity controls.

One of the effective ways to prevent violent attacks is attending courses in self-defense. Participation in these kinds of courses will raise the level of awareness of the types of attacks and ways to prevent them in an easy effective and purposeful. It is known that women who were exposed to knowledge and experience in the areas of self-defense, they knew how to avoid and cope with situations of violence, determination and confidence.

Woman interested to know quick ways, simply, efficiently and effectively dealing with typical attacks on the street, you can go short workshops of self-defense and not devote any method for years. Country, and one could say with great confidence in the world, most methods rely on self-defense system of the Israeli Krav Maga was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld, the late father of Israeli Krav Maga. Most modern method today continues the path of my mother is a method founded Aiki Krav Maga Ami Fang Dan 10 direct disciple of the founder of Krav Maga.

Ami Niv – LL.M. (Law Master) & Mastrer of Sport Science Management,
Founder and Head of Istaeli Aiki Krav Maga Federation
Dan 10 Krav Maga Ψ Dan 6 Ju – Jitsu Ψ Dan 4 Aikido
Security and Law Enforcment Instructor and Consultant