Ami Niv's Seminar for Bodyguards

As many people know, being a bodyguard is a complex job, requiring a good balance of fast thinking and well trained skills. A good bodyguard should have the ability to stay alert for long periods of time, analyse a situation in split seconds and execute without hesitation. Prevention of any type of physical harm to his assigned person is the primary goal and that can be usually done without any violence, (just good sound decisions), nevertheless, he must also posses strong shooting skills and the ability to 'take-down' or defend his client at anytime or place.

At AIKI we offer seminars for anyone needing to posses bodyguarding skills. We will challenge you with stressful fitness drills, that will improve your ability to function in stressful situations. We will incorporate real life simulations so as to prepare solutions (in your head) which will help you respond faster in 'real time' events. We will in act various scenarios that will improve your ability to work in crowds, outdoor, indoor or other environments. We will review techniques to take-down, apprehend and/or neutralize suspects, and better defend your client and yourself.

 Open seminars, when available, will be posted on the site:

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