Ami Niv's Anti-Terror Seminars

Seminars can be tailored to any group and its specific needs. Ami Niv and our team of instructors have years of teaching experience to groups ranging from professional law enforcement forces, various security units, martial art clubs, women’s shelters, or recreational centers.

The duration of each seminar is flexible and depends on the groups needs, level of skill and availability.

Every seminar will develop the learning and practicing of techniques. Followed by application of these techniques into simulations that attempt to imitate as close as possible real and relevant scenarios to issues addressed in the seminar. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques in scenarios played out. This will further help learn how each function in situations in which rational thinking; skill and physical performance are needed under extreme situations of stress.

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Krav Maga Ami Niv Seminar for Army Special Forces

This seminar is designed for army units whom specialize in counterterrorism tactics.

For these groups we will focus on related 'hand to hand' combat for various situations in which hot weapons (pistols, rifles, machine guns etc) cann't be used.

In this seminar we offer:

1. Improved techniques to neutralize an enemy wether working alone or in a team.

2. Attack techniques using various weapons, and defences against being attacked with weapons.

3. Scenarios will be practiced individually, with partners and with the whole team, covering various situations and environments.

4. Sparring drills while stressed and fatigued.

5. Strategies to dealing with hostage scenarios, working alone and in a team.

6. Quiet takedowns, neutralizing and handcuffing a person while in a hostile environment (individual and as a team)

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Ami Niv's Seminar for Police and Security Forces

The objective of this seminar is to teach law enforcement personnel the proper response to a variety of situations while respecting the constitutional rights of citizens. The key for this, according to the founder of AIKI Ami Niv, is applying the appropriate amount of force at the right time and situation.

For this seminar we offer:

1. Improved techniques of arresting/ detaining/ subduing a suspect by the individual policeman or when working with one or more partners.

2. Improved self-defense techniques against anyone attacking with or without weapons. In various environments (crowds, in a vehicle, indoor or outside)

3. Simulations in which various techniques are practiced under stress in different scenarios.

4. Using mild or moderate force to deal with violent demonstrators or potential volatile crowds.

5. Better understanding of the application of the ‘right amount of force at the proper time and situation’.

6. Leading or walking with a suspect while preventing him from escape or possible attacks

 Open seminars, when available, will be posted on the site:  

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