Aiki Krav Maga Ami Nivאייקי קרב מגע – Sports and Fitness for seniors

Seniors, this is the age of the human body begins to show fatigue markers if it backaches, feet and almost everywhere else in the body. What causes us to slow down our lives, stop working and the like?

Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv say there is no need to stop our lives even at the third, as long as there is a possibility to improve their fitness and strengthen muscles at the same time enjoy.

Studies show that keeping fit improves health and quality of life in general and older people especially when it is done in a controlled manner. Important physical fitness is an acquired taste and can develop physical fitness in every age; even those who do not exercise can start exercising at later ages, gradually and in a controlled manner, and improve physical fitness and quality of life accordingly.

First one must understand that the characteristics of the elderly are greater weakness in the muscles of the lower body: hips, knees, and ankles. Moreover, it is necessary to emphasize specific muscle groups essential daily functioning. Therefore it is necessary strengthening major muscle groups when the order will be exercises large muscle groups to a smaller group: chest, back, shoulders, arms, stomach and back pain.

The four best training capacities in older age, people want to maintain their health and independence: flexibility and endurance, improving posture and strength.

Strength training – training is designed to build muscle mass in older people and increase metabolism, which helps maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar levels balanced.

Training to improve posture – are recorded annually worldwide and in Israel many cases of elderly hospitalization due to hip fractures when these fractures first reason is falling. These workouts help build leg muscles and thus, help prevent falls.

Stretching exercises – these exercises improve flexibility and thus allow more free movement.

Endurance training – training that increase the heart rate and breathing capacity. This training includes activities such as Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv, walking, running, self-defense, biking and even raking leaves in the garden. It is important to remember that faith endurance must be gradual and should Lithium short training not to exceed 45 minutes a day.

In order to improve the quality of life must continue in this activity which will improve fitness and functioning of all body systems.

Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv, founded by Ami Niv provide solutions and encourage the senior citizens to start training and improve the quality of life as well as the interest of self-defense. As we know today the aged also more exposed to violence from younger layers when it is expressed in violent assaults, robberies and the like.

Ami Niv the Head and the Founder of Aiki Krav Maga Federation (AKMF).

Senior instructor and international consultant in anti-terrorism.

Direct follower / Senior instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld.

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