1537879_616391528420526_1206284017_oAiki Krav Maga Ami Niv believe in education

Education it’s a small word with a big meaning, when we hear the word education the first thing that comes to our minds it, kindergartens, schools, our parents that gave us life and trying to educate us to the old age. Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv believes in education first of all: if it, respect for others, mutual respect, self-discipline, and self-tolerance.

Once a person's birth the education enters his first this time to explain to parents that their child the difference between right and wrong about what is allowed and what is not. Then kindergarten integration process with other children, with the formation and social media among them. Later in the school by obtaining knowledge in various subjects "education knowledge" and eventually the Army and subsequent life (academic studies, work, family) and so only now the parent and the child is his responsibility to his children's education.

Aiki Krav Maga Ami Ni , education is done at each stage of the training. Sometimes the desire of the child is not suitable for a workout, so had to wait until the right moment. As part of a child's development to deal with the rules and laws bases: Arrival at times, Check with appropriate attire (suit Aiki), maintain personal cleanliness and order, not to miss training because of a TV show or computer game desirable. And adjust to the different frameworks in life such as class, school, family, parents.

During training the child receives a new meaning to authority, that he should know the practice coach teaches him not to attack but self-defense only when the educational goal the main Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv is an absolute prohibition to implement the exercises on the street for the purposes of attack, but only self-defense purposes only, provided that the student know to perform the exercise in full and in the safest way for him. We at Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv reiterate that we are against violence and try to reduce it among our students and educate you in the values ​​of respect for others and tolerance, and use only the exercises taught in training situations where the student is under attack physically.

As the child grows and matures it tends to observe all rules and regulations imposed on it, if it failed attempts to ignore or simply do not have them. Hence it is our job to "stand on guard" to reach out to him directed, listen to his frustration following the failures and teach him how to avoid them and how to deal with another failure and thereby strengthen the personality of the child and educate him good values.

As part of the training, as in life there are difficult situations both physically and mentally handle the child, which make different choices at regular intervals and shorter. Selection process or other action from the child requires concrete to withstand the pressures that accompany each one of us in childhood and later in adolescence own. Every choice a response action reinforcement from the instructor / trainer and constant encouragement for right choices. So ultimately the correct decision-making process will instinctively and affect a variety of areas of life such as studies, social life, family life, etc..

In Aiki Krav Maga Ami Niv we see ourselves as teachers and educators of our students, in cooperation and support of parents and in full coordination with them while caring for his personal benefit of each and every student the only way we can be successful and give the student the appropriate skills for life.

Ami Niv the Head and the Founder of Aiki Krav Maga Federation (AKMF).

Senior instructor and international consultant in anti-terrorism.

Direct follower / Senior instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld.

KRAV MAGA dan 10 / JIU-JITSU dan 6 / AIKIDO dan 4

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